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Welcome to Rwenzori

Explore the beauty and biodiversity of Rwenzori Mountains

Let's make your trek memorable forever

Trekking the Rwenzori Mountains (The Mountains of the Moon) in Uganda is a truly marvelous and unique experience, with the glaciers, the valley of lakes, the giant heathers, and snow-capped peaks, the diverse flora, and fauna with as you ascend through different vegetation zones creates the ultimate experience for trekking.

This is the most unique and beautiful trek you'd ever want in life one of the most beautiful treks in the world.

We aim at





Trek Rwenzori

Margherita peak

9 Day Rwenzori Trek

Explore the Magical mist Rwenzori to Margherita Peak.

Cottages in Rwenzori Mountains

6 Day Rwenzori Trek

Hike Rwenzori to Guy Yeoman on this 6 day trek

Hiking the mountains Rwenzori's

4 Day Rwenzori Trek
to Bujuku

Trek Rwenzori to Bujuku Camp

Trekkers at walking board in  Rwenzori mountains

3 Days Rwenzori Nature Walk

Come enjoy the refreshing natural environment on this nature walk.

Track Primates

Female Gorilla in Bwindi

3 Days Gorilla Tracking

Meet the mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable NP

Female chimpanzee with a young one

5 Days Gorillas & Chimps Trekking Safari

Enjoy a primate safari on this 5 day trip in Uganda

Gorilla with a young one

5 Days Gorilla, Chimps & QENP

Enjoy a primate safari in Uganda

Gorilla face

4 Days Gorilla Habituation trip

Spend time in the wild with the mighty Gorillas

Bird Watching

Shoe bill in a swamp

Exclusive Uganda Birding Tour

Disover how Uganda is gifted by Nature.

Blue Rwenzori Turraco

9 Day Birding Trip

Enjoy a birding trip in Uganda

wattled lapwing (c) bellbird.jpg

16 Days Birding Safari

Discover the Birds of Uganda

Birds of Uganda - The Grey Crowned Crane.jpg

12 Days Birding & Chimpanzees

Explore the nature gifted Uganda on this trip.


Crater lake sky jump fun image

1 Day Crater Lakes & Hot springs

Explore the craters in Fortportal

Biking around crater lakes

1 Day Biking Safari 

Enjoy a half day biking safari round the craters


1 Day Chimpanzee Tracking

Track Chimpanzee's in Kibale National Park

Matooke peeling community activity

1 Day Community Tour

Explore the Tooro, Bakiga culture and communities

Client's Experiences

Tailormade trip to Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Jinja

"We booked a tailormade trip to the Ziwa Rhino sanctuary and Jinja. it was the best experience we had. Everything was arranged very well. Drivers arrived on time, our budget was taken into account when planning the trip, communication was great.
Can only recommend Afrika Panthera Safaris , and when we get back to Uganda we will continue using this organisation's services!"


Afrika Panthera female guide with a client
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